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What is breathwork?

As we talk about in the Stress 101 part of the Foundations Program, our ability to control the rate and depth of our breath can either activate or deactivate our stress switch. Stress in itself isn’t dangerous or harmful – in fact when we’re in the right balance (eustress) it can be incredibly beneficial and helpful!

However, when we’re in distress it is essential that we know how to turn off that switch to bring ourselves back down into the range where we’re not heading into Chronic Stress where we are more likely to experience the negative health effects.

Breathwork is an evidence-based technique to balance stress as well as our physical mental, emotional energy, and/or metaphysical energy. (learn more about the 4 energy spheres here.)

Below you will see a variety of breathwork and yoga nidra exercises to suit your needs!

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Looking for a favorite? Search for it here:

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