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The Life Optimizer

Up-level yourself, your life, and your relationships – all in one place.

The Life Optimizer is a program designed to help you get more out of life – without the stress – by teaching you the habits, systems, strategies and processes that will take you from where you are right now to an Unstoppable Force!

If you’re ready to optimize your health, your boundaries, relationships, yourself and your life – we’re ready for you!

Life has knocked you down more times than you can count, and you're tired.

You’ve experienced so much stress, struggle and trauma – it’s a wonder you’re still standing!

I know life hasn’t been easy for you.

But I also know that you want to make most of any situation – and you’re ready to stop feeling so run down (ahem…freaking exhasted) all the time!

This cycle of burnout and functional recovery is something I know all too well as a recovering highly sensitive high-achiever myself.

And this cycle is what I was seeing in the majority of my patients in the ICU when I was a Registered Nurse.

NLM lines rotated

In fact, 40% of the top causes of death in North America have strong links to stress, with an estimated 90% of doctor's visits also having strong links to stress.

If you're ready to:

stop feeling like you’re drowning in your responsibilities and others’ expectations

improve your sleep so you wake up rested and restored

confidently set strong boundaries without feeling guilty

finally have time to take care of yourself so that you feel human again

actually be present with family and friends, rather than always feeling stressed about how much you should be doing

stop feeling frustrated and stuck because you have too much to do and never enough time

the Life Optimizer Program your way out.

The Life Optimizer Program Includes:


Foundations Program

In the foundations program, you will learn how to boost your productivity, take control of your stress switch, change unhelpful beliefs, habits and patterns, increase your energy and motivation, as well as become crystal clear on your purpose and mission for your life.

Gold (1)

10 -20 minute Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

I get it. It’s really hard to find an hour to go to a yoga class. You need something that fits into your schedule AND matches your abilities.

It’s my passion, as someone with a disability and a history of trauma, to have my yoga classes be as inclusive as possible. You belong here.

You will have access to the pre-recorded class library, as well as live classes.

Gold (3)

Guided Meditation Library

Every month I will add at least 5 meditations to the large and growing guided meditation library.

Ranging from 3 minutes to 60 minutes, you will find something here that works for you!

New to meditation? Does your mind go a mile-a-minute the second you close your eyes? No problem!

You have full access to my Meditation Foundation mini-course in your membership portal.

Gold (2)

Breathwork Library

Breathwork is a powerful strategy to unlock hidden pockets of stress in your body and release them so you can prevent or even reverse the negative health effects of stress.

It can also be used to increase energy, relax your body and prepare you for sleep, or take control of your stress response.

Gold (6)

Weekly Meal Plans with Shopping Lists

Want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time?

We make it easier on you with weekly meal plans that include your grocery shopping list.

Plus, I have a Meal Prep workshop for you that shows you how to prepare all of your dinners in just 1 hour so that they will all come together in 10-minutes or less on the day you cook them.

Gold (5)

Weekly Digital Self-Care Package

Every Friday I send out a digital self-care package for you that includes:

  • a self-care activity with instruction video
  • aromatherapy suggestions
  • a guided meditation
  • journaling activity
  • and a Spotify Playlist


Plus! Every month you'll also receive a personal development workshop to help you lower your stress, improve negative self-talk, and confidently go after anything you want.

If you want to change your life, you have to change, too!

Every month you will also receive an on-demand workshop designed specifically to optimize your habits, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Now, you may be thinking I've done tons of personal development and read lots of business books before but not much has changed - how is this going to be different?

I hear you.

The truth is it’s not the strategies that didn’t work.

And no, it’s not that there was something wrong with you.

It’s that you didn’t have an implementation plan!

Learning without action only gets you so far, right?

Every month, you will also receive an implementation plan to put what you learn into action!

Why a membership and not a course?

Two reasons:

#1 – the healing journey is better with growth friends, support and encouragement along the way (which is why we also offer monthly Connection Calls where we get together, play games, have conversations and get to know one another better)

#2 – because personal development is an ongoing journey – one that requires regular check-ins, support and resources.

Every month builds on the one before so you can continue to grow, learn and improve your life faster.

Start getting more out of life today!

Gold Level

🍂 Foundations Program

🍂 Pre-recorded Yoga Library and 3 new recordings per week

🍂 Guided Meditation Library

🍂 Breathwork Library

🍂 Weekly Meal Plans

🍂 Journaling Prompts

🍂 Weekly Digital Self-Care Package

🍂 Monthly Connection Calls

Everything you need to care for your stressed out nervous system!

Platinum Level

🍂 Foundations Program

🍂 Yoga Library and Live Yoga Classes

🍂 Guided Meditation Library

🍂 Breathwork Library

🍂 Weekly Meal Plans

🍂 Journaling Prompts

🍂 Weekly Digital Self-Care Package

🍂 Monthly Connection Calls


⭐ 60 minutes of private coaching per month ($125 value)

⭐ One Art Journaling Class per month

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gold Membership has everything you need to take care of your stressed out nervous system. You will still get full access to all of the helpful resources, workshops, strategies and live calls as you would in the Platinum Level.

The main difference is that in the Platinum Level you will be able to book one Long-Distance Reiki Energy Healing session as well as attend the Art Journaling Class (or watch the replay).

If you’re looking to save a bit of $, the Gold Membership will still be incredibly effective for you.

If you’re ready to dive into your healing and make some breakthroughs faster – the Platinum Membership is your secret weapon!

That, my friend, is completely up to you! Everything in this membership is designed for you – the busy high-achiever who can’t carve out a ton of extra time because you’re already doing so much! The goal of this membership is to help you streamline and optimize EVERYTHING in your life so that you feel like yourself again and have more time for what matters most.

Most people see the best results when they commit at least 10 minutes a day.

Any and all abilities, ages, experience levels and cultures are welcome!

Every single exercise is adaptable and I give multiple modifications in each class. Questions? Comment below that video and I’ll respond with a personalized video with an adaptation for that pose.

New to meditation or breathwork? I have a mini-course included in your membership that will help you calm your busy brain and build your foundation for these mindful practices.

Great news! We have a system for this!

The content, rather than being all available (and overwhelming) right when you sign up, we drip things out over time. Each workshop and month builds on the month before it so you will get to move at your own pace and in the best order.

Many parts of the foundational program (that you get access to right away) are designed to help you set up systems and time blocks to make sure you have enough time to get everything you need done – including time spent on the content here.

Plus, your Community Chat and accountability buddy (if you want one) will be there to check in on you, hold you accountable, and make sure you’re staying on track.

We’ve got your back!

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

That being said, if you can show me that you’ve done the work and participated in the programs, classes and workshops for 90-days but you’re not getting the results you joined for, refunds can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

As long as your remain a member in good standing, you will keep your access to the content and be able to register for the live classes and calls. All of the content (aside from the yoga classes) is available for download, so if you decide to take a break or leave, we recommend that you download the information you wish to keep.


As someone with a disability myself, I am fully committed to making everything in this program as accessible as possible and I am always open to new suggestions for how I can improve in this area.

Each component is available in video, audio and written format. The breathwork exercises and yoga classes include a number of modifications and are trauma informed. If you need more suggestions or modifications of any of the exercises, please email support@becomingavery.com, join a live class or comment below the video and we will support you in any way we can.

That’s easy!

Just email us at support@becomingavery.com to let us know which membership you’re in and which one you’d like to move into and we’ll help you out.