Yoga Library

When your mind is racing, when you’re stressed, tired, overwhelmed, excited, distracted – yoga is one of the best embodiment practices I have ever experienced to bring you back into the present, connect you with your body, and unlock your full potential.

We’re not meant to be stagnant.

Our bodies weren’t built for that, but circumstances make it so that it’s challenging for us to get up and move as often as we need to. This yoga library is going to help make it easier for you to move by matching your energy level to however you’re feeling in this moment and by giving you guidance to help you process and release stress, experiences and emotions that may otherwise stay trapped in your body.

All classes are trauma informed, adaptable to whichever level you’re at from beginner to advanced, and are sensitive and modifiable to most chronic conditions.

Here’s what to expect from each yoga class:

Yin is a style of yoga that is best done with cold muscles because it allows your body to stretch into your connective tissues (the fascia) to work on flexibility, mobility, and slowly waking the body systems up. Just because I label this as a morning class, doesn’t mean you have to only do it in the morning. If a class is calling to you, trust yourself and go for it.

Did you know that you’re probably doing Downward Dog wrong? In large group classes it can be really hard for your yoga teacher to truly get into each pose and show you how to activate your body properly and align yourself to get the intended benefit of the pose. In these classes we will focus on different areas of the body and tie in yoga poses around that focus to bring awareness to true alignment goals in each post and adapting the poses to work for your body.

Stress will creep up on your during your day, and so it’s important to regularly bring your stress back into balance and reconnect to your higher level thinking brain.

Take 10-minutes out of your day to boost your productivity and reboot your stress response with these quick classes.

All strength levels and abilities welcome! If you’re looking to build strength, improve balance and increase proprioception (coordination) these classes are for you! Every single pose is given with modifiers to make it more accessible or more challenging depending on how you’re feeling in the moment. If you’re looking to grow in your yoga practice, improve posture, and potentially decrease some body pain – these classes are for you!

Wind down from your day, release any challenges or struggles, process emotional experiences and quiet your mind to settle into a deep, restorative sleep.

Bring your blankets, pillows, yoga equipment (blocks, bolsters, foam rollers, straps or whatever you have) towels and prepare for a relaxing practice to connect and ground yourself in your body.

Yin Yoga - Chair Yoga Class for Flexibility

Yin Yoga - Waking Up the Spine

Vinyasa Yoga - Open Warrior Flow

Yin Yoga - Flexibility through the hamstrings

Hatha Yoga - Wall Practice

Yin/Yang Flow

Somatic Yoga - Hip Release

Hatha Yoga - Hip Alignment

Vinyasa Yoga - Core Focus

Vinyasa Yoga - Leg Strengthening

Hatha Yoga - Warrior Flow

Vinyasa Yoga - Full Body Flow

Yin Yoga - Shoulder Flexibility

Somatic Yoga - Balance Focus